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All guitar amps are built to order to your specifications including size, modifications, speaker, tubes, cabinet tolex, grille cloth, etc.

Custom requests encouraged!

Current offerings:

Judge 40BL

A stripped down 40 Watt Blackface style amp. Like a Vibroverb/Bandmaster/Super Reverb without the effects

Judge 12BR

Brownface Princeton style with Weber speaker and adjustable bias.

Judge 45TAB

5F6-A Fender Bassman & Marshall JTM 45 style head with multi tap speaker output (2, 4, 8 ohm,) and a negative feedback switch to adjust headroom. Combine with an American style or British style speaker cabinet.

Judge 15TFB

5e3 style Fender Deluxe Head with negative feedback switch (more/less clean headroom)

Judge 15T

5e3 Fender Deluxe combo style with Cannabis Rex speaker

Judge 5T

5F2 Fender Princeton combo style with Weber 8A100 Alnico speaker

Judge 4T

5F1 Fender Champ combo style with Weber Signature Alnico speaker.