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Lead time for amps not in stock: 4 weeks

All amps are available with passive effects loops for $49 if requested or an active effects loop added for $149.

Modifications to these designs are available.

If you have your own idea in mind, contact us and we can try to build your own custom amp.

Custom Amps: Products


The Judge GD20 captures the essence of the 1980's high gain British sound with modifications for enhanced performance. This amp combines smooth overdrive and tight cleans. It utilizes 6V6 output tubes for a total of 20 watts of output and offers a lightweight design that doesn't compromise on volume for gigs. Available as a head or combo with a 12" Celestion Greenback speaker.

$1599 head

$1799 combo Greenback

In stock


The Judge OR100 is a hand-built guitar amp inspired by the iconic 1970's sludgy London tone. This 100-watt amplifier features KT66 tubes for a warm and robust sound. Equipped with a stepped frequency shifting filter, punch control, and presence control, it offers versatility and sonic exploration. The stepped frequency shifting circuit adds or subtracts girth and character to your playing, while the punch control delivers midrange overdrive. The presence control shapes the high-end frequencies for clarity and articulation. 


In Stock at Judge Amps



A stripped down 15 watt version of the OR100 for lower volume situations, studio, or practice. Simple controls: volume, treble, bass, punch, and the versatile stepped frequency shifter. This can be built has a head or a combo with a 10" Celestion G10 speaker. 6v6 output tubes for tone that is always full and never brittle or too bright. It also features a built in attenuator to allow you to overdrive those 6v6 tubes at low volume.

$1399 head

$1599 combo


The Judge S100B amp is a powerhouse of "sort of" clean tones with a little bit of grit and sonic character. With its KT88 output tubes and 100 watts of power, it delivers impressive volume and exceptional clarity, but is still very lightweight and manageable. Inspired by the sought after Model T amp, this creation pays homage while offering its own unique flavor.


4 week build time



The Judge BR15 is inspired by early 1960's Memphis tone. This simple amp has some modern mods that delivers a warm detailed sound with increased clean headroom, reliability, lower noise floor, extended low-end, and a smooth transition into overdrive. Equipped with 6V6 output tubes and a cathodyne phase inverter, it captures the essence of classic American tones heard on many Memphis recordings. The bias modulated tremolo effect adds depth and "magic" to your sound. Available as a head or a combo with a 10" or 12" Weber speaker.
$1699 10" combo
$1799 12" combo


The Judge BL15R offers the classic mid 1960's American versatile and inspiring sound. Like other Judge amps, this has been modified for reliability, lower noise floor, more punch and bottom end, and tighter transition into overdrive.​ From crystal-clear cleans to gritty overdrive and with the added ambience of reverb and tremolo, it's a go-to choice for players across various genres. Whether recording in the studio, practicing at home, or performing on stage, the BL15R delivers the timeless American tone.  

Available as a head or a combo with a 10" or 12" Weber speaker or Celestion Creamback for punchier tone with more midrange.

$1699 head

$1799 10" combo

$1899 12" combo

**Tweed covered preowned/demo model in stock for $999 (pictured)



The BL20R is an improved and stripped down version of mid-1960's black panel style American tone. With its 20 watts of power, it strikes the perfect balance between volume and versatility. This amplifier produces a smooth and dynamic sound characterized by sparkling cleans, warm scooped midrange, and a touch of fat tube-driven breakup when pushed. The built-in tube driven reverb adds depth and character, providing lush ambiance. The BL20R features a 12" Weber speaker or is available as a head.

$1799 head

$1899 combo


A stripped down mid-1960's American tone with Reverb. The 40 watt big brother to the BL20R. Lots of clean tone.

Head $1699

Combo 15" $1799

2x10" (+$150)

2x12" (+$200)


*demo/preowned 4x10" version available for $1499



The Judge RD15TB delivers a sparkling clean tone with exceptional clarity and definition. Its jangly character is characterized by chiming highs, balanced mids, and a tight low end. When pushed, it responds with a smooth and dynamic breakup, offering creamy overdriven tones that retain note articulation and musicality. Its touch-sensitive nature allows for expressive playing, capturing the subtle nuances of your playing style. The RD15TB features a normal channel and boost channel with master volume.

It outputs 15 watts via a pair of EL84 power tubes.

$1799 12" combo with Celestion Greenback

In stock


Plexi or Tweed style head at the flip of a switch

Multi tap speaker output (2, 4, 8 ohm)

3-way switch for loose American tone and feel, tighter British, or extremely fat.

12ay7 pre-amp tube for Tweed tones, 12ax7 for Plexi

Combine with an open back American style or closed back British style speaker cabinet to get the best of each side of the ocean.


5881 power tubes


**preowned/demo available for $999



Plexi inspired amp head with 2 voices:

Vintage 60's tones

Modern lead tone for pushing with pedals

Jumper the channels and blend the 2 channels to your taste

El34 power tubes

$1999 head

$2499 2x12 combo

*pre-owned demo 2x12 available for $1499

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